Work Well Forest Win

Work Well Win asked us to create a forest wall for their entryway co working space in Greenwich, CT. This was printed on 3M vinyl and applied with adhesive. It came out looking beautiful and we were so excited to be a part of such a beautiful new space! If you are looking for a calm, serene place to work they are growing in more locations! Check them out here:


NASA goes to Freeport NY

Freeport Public Schools were chosen by NASA to be one of only 13 school districts in the country to have a live, audio only question and answer session with astronaut Scott D. Tingle. Wall Punch was asked to design a theme for the High School's lobby as well as for the auditorium stage when speaking with the astronaut.

6ft high boards were custom designed and set up with 3D die cut features and LED lights. The out-of-this-world conversation was beamed up to the International Space Station. 

Students entered an essay contest for a chance to ask a question and only ten were chosen. Students had to listen very closely to the answers because they couldn’t see Tingle, they could only hear him. He used an amateur ham radio aboard the ISS to connect with a ground station in Italy. That station then created a link connecting Tingle to the students in Freeport.

Before Tuesday’s event, students at all grade levels in Freeport had to research the ISS and learn about radio waves, amateur or ham radios, and related topics.

Wall Punch had a great time researching and furthering education for the students with the overall experience. 

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